The Butterfly


life butterfly Benda

He thought he could keep her down

Control her, Be her only one

Told her don’t make a sound

That was how it had begun.

Then one day she grew wings

Found out many things.

Like control isn’t love

And no one should be above


The Caterpillar had become a butterfly.

caterpillar girl

Free at last to soar

Under control never more

There he was left behind

The moral of this story my friend

Control no one or you will send

Them far, far away

Never to return.

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She is mad but she won.


mad joker

She is mad you see

Mad as can be

Not quite right you know

We all know it’s so.

She cracked one day

right in half, fell each way.

Tore up her paper dollies

Gave her giggles and her jollies.

I won, I won she screamed

And to everyone else it seemed

Deluded and twisted

Her sanity listed

Then sank down below

And she still doesn’t know

She is mad.


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You lost her


you lost her

That innocent girl trusted you

Believed in you, had your back

So then what did you do?

Betrayed her made her feel small

Belittled her til there was nothing left.

Nothing at all.

She knows better now

Regrets the vow

She made

When she trusted you

Loved you

Would die for you.

No more that is gone

and done.

You can’t put toothpaste back

in the tube.

You can’t ungrow a plant

You can’t regain trust

Not really, not ever.

Maybe next time you will be careful

of an innocent loving heart.

This one grew up.

Got wise,

Left you with only memories,

Of a once in a lifetime love,

That you threw away.

baby throwing money away

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She waits


She waits

She waits for a party that never will start,

Waits for her lover who ripped out her heart.

Listens for a door that will never creak,

Sits all alone crumpled and weak.

She looks at her photos of a happier day,

When she didn’t look this way.

he was handsome and older,

she thought taller and bolder,

Made her lose her heart it won’t be back.

Nor her mind that snapped but not for any lack,

Of hope, hopeless dried up hope.

Which helps her cope.

With loss and betrayal,

romance off the rail.

She was demanding and needy

Grasping and greedy

Til one day he had enough and walked

Her commands he finally balked

Left went out the door

And said darling NEVER MORE.

gravestone woman

and yet she waited.

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Love/Hate Challenge


I was nominated by Lucky Otter for the Lovehate challenge. Here goes.

Peek a boo still hate you

I hate you with love.

Would like to stab you

With a rubber knife

Watch you bleed

Or not.

I love you with hate

boiling hot

Like passion

Like hot plasma


Come here closer

Then go away

I never want to see you

But maybe I do.

feel too much

You make me feel too much

Pain, sorrow, love.

Here is my heart

Stomp it good

Kill it.

So it can go on hating you.

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Doesn’t Love You


Loving someone who doesn't love you

You wrapped your arms

Around a ghost

One which harms

Hearts of hosts.

He doesn’t love you

Never did

Thinks he’s above you

Yet you can’t get rid

Of wanting him.

Reality sucks it really does

No matter how you try

You aren’t the one he loves

You squeeze yet time goes by

and NOTHING there

Keep chasing but no matter

No matter how you moan and stare

Your dream will shatter

Hit the floor in pieces

Until your stubbornness ceases

And you let him go

and finally know

He doesn’t love you

Never did.

There is always another

that takes your place

In his heart, he sees her face.

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