Common Sense


common sense paine

The news lately is full of terror and fear,

Of all the things, we hold dear.

Freedom, equality are most rare

and threatened by evil laid bare.

We need protection that is for sure

But in order for our freedom to endure

We need to also hold our heads up high

Let the fear go by.

No county in my mind is so free

As ours continues to be.

Let common sense guide us

Ignorance not divide us.

For those that threaten free people,

Tear down each library and church steeple

Are the enemy not our countrymen.

Stand up all both men and women.

Freedom will burn and fade,

The caliphate made,

Using our own fear,

Of losing that we hold dear.

For to live without being free

Is no way to be.

Live your life, stand up proud

For the freedoms we are allowed

Are worth being brave


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We know your secrets


Ghost of a murderess doll

Shhhhhhh she surfaced again;

She full of sin;

Of hate and boiling jealousy.

Filled with poisoned animosity.

Followed you there to your retreat.

Where you and your fellows meet.

To prove yourselves as sexy fiends;

Onto anyone your body leans.

Virtual heat where none exists.

Playing a game that no one missed.

We know your secrets now you see.

We know and soon will be;



Death and pain.

So nothing else will remain;

But a doll with ugly features.

Evil doings vile creatures;

To eat your heart.

and other parts.

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Honeymoon is over


Obscurity-of-a-honeymoon  Michael Cheval Obscurity-of-a-honeymoon
Michael Cheval

The honeymoon is over;

Spilled rotten fruit is left;

Poisoned by jealousy and hate.

Once clung to in joy;

It is no more.

He left her behind,

when he saw her true heart;

Was black and cold.

Broken chains;

are all that remains

in her empty hands.

It is no more.

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The ancient old cat


Wanda-wullzthecat 1932 alianariarchive Florence Wanda-wullzthecat 1932
alianariarchive Florence

Brave little kitty, smart little cat

Wonder where you went

and what you are at.

Years ago so smiling and sage

Smart and a leader,

could rant and rage.

Now no more of you to be seen

Far underground hidden

Behind your smoke screen.

Tales of your woes and battles sneak out

Seems like you are trapped

Let around by your snout.

Don’t think we forgot you our dear little friend

We three felt a bit sorry

That it all had to end.

You chose your path among the ivy

never knowing it was poisoned

by spite and envy.

So trod carefully old friend and be aware

Of all that we hear

When people stop and stare.

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The dark of night 

Souldier Girl

What can I do…
What can I do in this

…unnerving stillness

The darkness settles over me

Like a mask I hide my face inside it

To howl and weep!

And I’m not sure where heaven is

Or if they’ve gotten wind of this

The sensitive prick …of a beautiful flower

The prolonged passing …of another hour

Daylight comes and stings my eyes

Shinning a proof

…I have made it through

What else can I do?

Craddling each breath

Until the night I receive my gift

And wake up with you

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Poems and Petals


I loved you
For all the wrong reasons
I loved you perhaps
For the very reason that
I couldn’t have you
You would never be mine
I loved you because
You were so different
To those I had loved before
I loved you mostly
Because my heart overruled
I love you now
If only because
My heart still does

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Being grateful


being grateful

Simple things are blessings in disguise,

And in this world it’s no real surprise;

That people don’t see it,

Don’t see grace and be it.

Clean water, fresh air,

All are grace for being there.

A hand to hold when things are hard,

little posy, greeting card.

Sight to see the lovely earth,

Dying peacefully, giving birth.

Illness are born with grace,

When we realize this isn’t a race.

No one is getting out alive.

None of us will survive.

So live with joy, grateful for every day.

Don’t forget that along the way,

Our path is strewn with flowers,

our life is made of hours,

That pass oh so quickly by,

and that each of us one day will die.

It’s not in the length of life we win.

not the presence or lack of sin.

But within life’s tiny part,

Of how we grew a grateful heart.

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Strangers with memories


strangers with memories

There was so much once upon a time,

When all our hopes began to rhyme,

When we were young and you loved me,

At least that was how it seemed to be.

Over now not much to say,

Just bitterness but day by day,

I say goodbye to used to be.

Rediscovering the me,

That was before a stranger

Led me into danger

Shattered my heart and my dreams

And nothing now it seems

Can make the memories retreat

So our former selves can meet

Someday, but not us

We are no more.

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