She waits


She waits

She waits for a party that never will start,

Waits for her lover who ripped out her heart.

Listens for a door that will never creak,

Sits all alone crumpled and weak.

She looks at her photos of a happier day,

When she didn’t look this way.

he was handsome and older,

she thought taller and bolder,

Made her lose her heart it won’t be back.

Nor her mind that snapped but not for any lack,

Of hope, hopeless dried up hope.

Which helps her cope.

With loss and betrayal,

romance off the rail.

She was demanding and needy

Grasping and greedy

Til one day he had enough and walked

Her commands he finally balked

Left went out the door

And said darling NEVER MORE.

gravestone woman

and yet she waited.

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