Result:The Broken Man

Just Another Abnormal Disaster:P

A funeral held in honor
Of my very existence
But being good enough never brought to the standards
Set by your diligent hands
Memoirs of blame
Cast a black sheep
Severed by my will to live away from your narrow way
You watched me die a little more each day
Slain by the suicide of a disembodied man
Becoming the sinner that I am
You counted the days
Everytime that pew was empty beside you
Never perfect enough to withstand of the one
Who was supposed to love me
Believe in me when I was down
But you kicked me over and over again
The odd one out
Who made you doubt
You pushed my demons out
And drove me to take the silent road
Where the evil grows
And I am surrounded by rows and rows of tortured trolls.
Nothing but what you turned cold


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