Time Travels

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

porchAn interested party

Asked me



I’d gotten


The question

Threw me


I hadn’t

Thought about

That event

In quite some time.

I answered

That it had been

So long

That I couldn’t

Even remember

The reason.

Of course,

That wasn’t

A satisfactory reply,

So I was required

To open

Old wounds

To give

A sufficient answer.


The conversation

Was over,


I reapplied

The bandages,

And then

Went back

To think about

That time

In my life.

I did

The mental math,

And couldn’t


That it has been

Eleven years

Since a judge

Declared me

No longer married.

Eleven years?

How was that

Even possible?

Those days

Were the darkest

Of my life,

And it seemed

As if

They had

No intention

Of ever ending.

Yet now,

They’ve been

Long forgotten.

Buried beneath

More than a decade

Of new,

Less painful


Time travels…

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