Your Words

Such a beautiful poem about such pain of betrayal.

I Refuse To Follow Your Blog


Your words stung. 

Like a knife heated in the flames, they cut through my skin and pierced deep within.

The pain I felt was unlike any I had ever experienced.  

Immediately I felt the burning as your words seared into my heart.      

I thought I knew how much pain my heart could endure.  

But this…

The intensity of the words shot deep into my soul, penetrating into my nerves.

A million needles slowly making their way into every pore. 

Taking over my vessels and seeping into my mind. 

I lifted my head and was stunned to recognize my slayer. 

To see the one who spoke words of love.

Who shared their time, their thoughts, their joys, their life.

If it were my enemy, I could bear it.

But the one who I called a friend?  How could this be? 

I should have seen it…

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