Not sure of the meaning but I love the poetry of it.

Mum C writes

As the fires lick

Your dried fallen leaves

And bite into its bones

As it shouts in pain


I stand teary

Prompted by the smoke that it emits

With genuine fears of no protection from age

Shiverings! Oh shiverings!


Scary, how time only wears high heels

Making sure ears hear its footsteps

To force them into halls of panic

Scary! How leaves so young

Are consumed by the fire which savoured you whole

I now know the lighter is a mole


I can’t believe you’re left in smoke and ashes

Can’t believe the sweetest being

Has turned into hurter of eyes

Passing rudely to join the clouds

Your vacuum can never be filled

And I wonder these goodbye-hands

Have a spectator in your smoke or ashes


It is a wonder that I can see not

The mole who lit you up

And awaits to pounce…

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