Today my guest is Mel at PushingOurLimits.  She wrote a poem that represents the devastation and harm bullying can produce.  Please welcome the talented lovely Mel Douleur.


A BULLY’S SMILE by Mel Douleur

I smiled at you.
A hope of what might be
And with what I thought was grace
You smiled back at me.

A soft, kind face with
Carefree pleasant eyes.
Housing some faint expression
I did not recognize.

A great relief that first day
At a brand new school
I’ve replayed it so many times
Man, was I a fool.

I was an easy target,
So sweet and, yes, naive.
Too busy seeking approval
To notice the kindness leave.

If I saw that look today
I would grimace and turn.
If I’d known what I know now
I’d never have stayed to burn.

Exactly where you wanted me
I stood and let it all fall apart.

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