The Flower Works

An Armchair Perfectionist


And so beckoned the hazy sunshine,

To take a lazy stroll down the grassy path.


A burst of colors making a royal tapestry,

To show off their rich velvety freshness.

Sweet Alison11The sweet Alison with her dewy earthy rushes,

Made an enigmatic welcome into the virgin foliage.

Blue Cinerarias1

A blossoming dome of blue Cineraria

Winked merrily… jealously guarding her secrets.

Cabbage Rose1_20150225151212607

There was a cabbage patch to be spied,

Proudly camouflaging as a blooming rose.

Dahlia Pink4

Pirouetting like a ballerina was the majestic Dahlia,

Glistening merrily under her leafy green umbrella.


Tucked in the rambles was a school of Marigolds,

In rapt attention of their mysterious readings.

Except a naughty one lounging in the bulbs,

Quietly basking underneath the honeyed rays.


Flirting on the right was the silvery Petunia,

In full splendor of her grace and alluring suggestions.

Pansy2Vying for attention with her delicate charisma,

Enticed the amethyst and amber clad Pansy flower.


The towering and glowering Dahlia sister,

Was standing tall and proud in the white…

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