Wonderfully written beautiful words.

Poesy plus Polemics

(Originally posted here April 2013)

Photo from justrings.com Photo from justrings.com

magic lies within
amoral impurities
of yellow gold
circlets inscribed
with runic symbols
turned inward
on sanctified skin

powers penetrate
fortified fingers
retrograde skeptics
with confident peace
in contented alliance
to carry the years

powers that deflect
life’s punishing blows
with a two-sided shield
emblazoned with
sketches well blended
in portraits
revealing one face

powers that bend to
enwind iron strands
forming singleton
entity wearing
linked curves of
the lemniscate
promise of always

powers that convert
selfish forces
of ego into
cardiac passions
of selflessness
born of organic

powers that anneal
through diamond hot
passion compressing
one whole weighing
more than its halves
fused with more than
half-volumes of bliss

powers to create
from unhesitant love
new beginnings
new life in the thriving
embrace of a family
eagerly poised
for the future

powers to heal wounds
inflicted by age

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