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I cut trap doors into your floors
Sinister cracks hidden by daylight
As I wait for you inside obscurity
Waiting for you to mess up, give up
Until you decide to let go, give in
And fall into my dark
And get infected by my night
Let me confine you for a bit
Stay until daybreak inside me
Let me tell you all my stories
As I test your pretty resolve
Relinquish everything to me
Your respect and your devotion
Let all your innate goodness go
And feed me all of your bad
Let all your disappointment out
Your anger and your heartache
And fly into my spoken song
Like debris into a churning storm
Uncontained swirling, unfurling
Feed my hurricane breath
So I can clear your battled fields
Let all the dirty white flags lie
Covered in emotional blood
Leave them all behind and stay
Just you…

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