The Economy (poem)

Maybe we should barter but what with? People don’t farm or do things for themselves any more. So I guess we are stuck with it. Loved the poem though!


Money, I’ve none,

a few dollars, bah humbug,

some more cents,

their shiny, metallic nonsense!

If I had a billion dollars,

if I won it, let’s say,

what would I do, it’s hard to tell,

Shares? Investments? Sell, sell sell!?

I hate money,

I hate it with anger,

I hate it’s ways,

it’s sharp corners and tricky angles.

Money turns humans into robotic wankers!

the miserable millionaires and the criminal bankers!

I say, “do away with money tomorrow”

I need some now though, might hafta borrow!

I cannot wait until the apocalypse comes,

when money becomes useless,

more useless than moldy old brushes!

no more young kids, with outrageous trust funds!

We need money, we’re told.

But do we really, do.we.real.E?

What if we all made a stand together?

We could say, “money! Fuck off! For now and forever!”

Honestly, if enough people said NO to money,

the world would…

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