He gave her a Red Rose


red rose and snow

The day was so sunny and bright
when she met him her wonderful Knight.
She looked into his eyes
Lost in them we would surmise.

A love she thought forever
cherished and hurt never
Deeper she suddenly fell
Into that dark dark well

Rings exchanged along with vows
With all that love allows
Her fairy tale would so begin
Such love and hope again

She made a home with grace
and hope and wild embrace
The love she wanted there
Could almost be too much to bear

He hit her hard the first time
Remorse laden and very kind
Never again he said
Never again as she bled.

She believed him loved him
As her eyesite became dim
beneath the swollen lids
She hid it from the kids.

They had two now lovely ones
This from love becomes
A trap a jail
A monstrous male

He threatened often
Then he…

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