Echo from another heart

Echo from the past
Echo from the past

Poem based on this blog post.

Long ago in a cold forsaken camp,
A young woman shivers in fear
disillusioned by senseless cruelty.

She took the strands of the fear
and wove them into a shield
Of love and of forgiveness.

Sent them into the future
Where they took seed
In the unborns heart.

Along came one and read
Of her strength and forgiveness
All the tears she had not shed.

Into another’s heart the tears flowed
the echo of long ago pain
reflected in the unborns heart.

For we send out an echo
Into the world
With our hope and our fears.

What kind of echo we leave
Depends on our smallness
or greatness of heart.

Whether we leave laughter,tears
Hate or Love
It is living in our hearts as we live.

And enters into the world
to be woven into another
future heart.


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