Friend a betrayal

betray a friend aesop

You were trusted and in return
a knife was thrust deep and turned.
Secrets now are out
and now there is no doubt.

Why? What reason did you give?
Lies and more lies you live.
There no is no more trust
So lie if you must.

Your friend gave you her heart
Perhaps not very smart
About her choice in friends
For that she must make amends.

The damage you have done
Do you think that you have won?
You hurt yourself you see
A true friend you can never be.

You are not now nor have ever been
Anyone’s true friend.
So now we watch from this place
We know your true face.

A price you will pay
Your heart will ache one day
When you realize your false kiss
Caused a loss you will sorely miss.

The heart that wasn’t true
to a friend when it was due
Will soon be broken
When lies about you from others is spoken.

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